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Assalamualaikum and hye people :* Name : Atiqah.
Age : 14 y/young.
Stay: Earth.
School: Kindergarden ♥
Love : Wafiy ♥

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This template was created by 'Izzah . Basecodes by Wana . Yaya gives me the beautiful header . Please inform me if I use your stuff but I didn't mention it, oke? ^^

It's actually so amazing how easily people can replace you after all the effort , time & money you've wasted on them . What is even loyalty . I don't know how people can get over and replace someone so easily . Didn't that person you loved before meant anything at all ? Its like i wanna ask a ques , who am i all this while ? Do i meant nothing to you ? Just a girl who willingly to give her everything and then when the times has come you can just go ? And find someone better ? It was so sad you know . Knowing that you are getting replaced so easily like you are just a memories that someone can easily forget . 

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